Global Pantheons

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  • Neith
My personal favorite depiction found on Occult World.

Goddess of War & Wisdom, Hunting, Weaving & Creation.

Often portrayed nursing Crocodiles, sometimes with Green Skin herself. As a Primordial Goddess she bares the title of The Oldest One. As a star filled sky is more sure than Day.

Her Epithet associates her with Anubis & Wepwawet as it reads the “Opener of the Ways”. She is also one of four Goddesses to guard one’s Canopic Jars (alongside Serqet/Selket, Isis, Nephthys).

  • Nut; Nuite

Depicted as a Woman bent over the Sky with her Feet to the East, facing the West. As well as a Celestial Cow.

Nut is the Sky Goddess from which All can come into being.

Nuit being the the French word for night is the most appropriate nod the this Divine Sky Goddess of the Ancients & therefore our Ancestors.

Daughter of Shu; God of Vital Breath & Tefnut; Goddess of Heat, who are the offspring of Ra himself (along with ShuTefnutHathorSekhmetMafdetBastetSatetAnhurMa’atMut).

Wife of the Earthly deity Geb

Together they conceived OsirisIsisSet, and Nephthys.

All 9 Gods previously mentioned make up the Ennead. Worshipped at Heliopolis, The City of the Sun.

Some of Her titles include : ‘She who gives Birth to the Gods’, ‘She who holds 1,000 Souls’, ’She who holds the Stars in her hair’, ‘She who protects’, & ‘Mistress of All’.

Associations : They Sky & her Stars, Mothers, Coffins, Sarcophagi 

  • Sekhmet
A gorgeous example of two depictions found on The Collector

Her name meaning ‘The Powerful One’ is a Goddess of Illness & War as well as a Daughter of Ra/Re. Thus, a Goddess of Healing. With the Body of a Female & the head of a lion, she is as fierce as she is protecttive. When satisfied, life & health are balanced, at peace. Almost as she is often represented : Appeased & calmy seated. When dissatisfied, chaos. Physicians were often referred to as ‘Priests of Sakhmet’ due to her association with healing & many of our surviving statues depicting Sekhmet are from the time & from the funerary temple of Amenhotep III.

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