Holy Cow(s)!

Holy Cow(s)!

Some of my favorite examples of the Bovine’s roles in Myth & Lore. Both Ancient & Modern*

Nut is an Ancient Egyptian Sky Goddess & Mother of the Cosmos, as well as Osiris, Horus, Seth, Isis, and Nephthys.

Nut’s Celestial Cow Form

Ninsun; a Mesopotamia Goddess, is also known as ‘The Lady of the Cows’ & is the Mother of Gilgamesh*

Brass relief mentioning Ninsun

Kamadhenu, aka Surabhi, is a Hindu Bovine Goddess who makes all possible & is the Mother of All Cows*

The Golden Calf, worshipped by the Hebrew People during the Exodus.

The Worship of the Golden Calf by Filippino Lippi

When one thinks of Baal & Moloch, child sacrifice tends to come to mind*

I have been saving videos depicting Moloch &/or Baal in the Modern Age in the Playlist below:

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