‘Indispensable Invisibility Spell’

‘Indispensable Invisibility Spell’

From the The Greek Magical Papyri.

Take fat or an eye of a nightowl and a ball of dung rolled by a beetle and oil of an unripe olive and grind them all together until smooth, and smear your whole / body with it and say to Helios : “I adjure you by your great name, BORKĒ, PHOIOUR IŌ ZIZIA APARXEOUCH THYTHE LAILAM AAAAAA IIIII OOOO IEŌ IEŌ IEŌ IEŌ IEŌ IEŌ IEŌ NAUNAX AI AI AEŌ AEŌ ĒAŌ, ĒAŌ,” and moisten it and say in addition :”Make me invisible, lord Helios, AEŌ ŌAĒ EIĒ ĒAŌ, / in the presence of any man until sunset, IŌ IŌ Ō PHRIXRIZŌ EŌA.”

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