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Many of us may recall being given Charms & such containing a single Mustard Seed. This was a symbol to remind Followers that God’s Kingdom resides within them. Unseeable. Much like the Mustard Greens that emerge from their Seed. And how massive they can grow!

My Grandmother’s Mustard Seed Charm

Mustard has many uses both Medicinally as well as Metaphysically. Lets begin with Metaphysically…

Mustard Seeds are often in two ‘varieties’ : Black & Yellow/White

Black Seeds are often used in Curses or Hexes, however, they are also used in Workings of Protection.

Yellow / White seeds are often used in Blessings as well as reminding us of our Full Potential. Courage & Success is what this Divine Seed reminds us along with the fact that all is Possible. Faith in the Divine, yes. However, this also means Faith in Ourselves.


  • Energy : Masculine
  • Astrology : Aries
  • Deities : Aesculapius, Greek God of Medicine
  • Element : Fire
  • Planet : Mars
  • Property Quickie : Fertility, Protection, Mental Strength & Clarity 

Some Magickal Workings

  • Simply bury Yellow / White Mustard Seeds near your Threshold for Protection & to Unwelcome Negativity
  • Black Seeds can be used can be sprinkled where Someone who means you Harm is bound to walk. Confusing the Baneful & throwing off the Insidious.
  • As far as the Leaves, I personally use them to wrap ‘Packages’ to be buried.

Medicinal Properties Coming Soon!


Artemesia vulgaris; Naughty Man, Artemis Herb, Muggons, Felon Herb…

  • Element : Earth, Water
  • Planet : Venus
  • Gender : Feminine
  • Deity : Artemis (Greek) / Diana ( Roman )

Associated with Female Reproduction System as well as the Menstrual, Moon & its’ Cycle as it has been known to induce delayed menstruation & relieve cramps.

In Uganda, women may carry a red silk bag of this beautiful & ancient plant to enhance fertility.

In the expansive Hoodoo tradition, for Safe Travels one may wear Mugwort in their shoes. This is said to prevent fatigue while walking & to ‘keep off wild beasts and the spirits of evil beings who inhabit forlorn places’.

Mugwort is often used in Divination, Astral Projection, Lucid Dreaming, Prophetic Dreams, Dream Recall, Sleep, as well as Strength and Protection.

Simply sleep with a sachet of this herb to help promote prophetic dreaming. Much like what is known as Mexican Dream Herb (Calea zacatechichi) used by the Chontal of Southeastern Mexico for generations for this reason as well as many others including Medicinal. 

Artemis is the Greek Goddess of Hunting, Wild Animals & the Wilderness, Chastity, Childbirth, Nature, the Moon.

Diana (Artemis), Antalya Museum

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