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?♡? Some Common Tools ?♡?

The 3-Legged Womb

The Cauldron – Anything can symbolize the womb like vessel of a traditionally Ceramic / Metal Alloy / Iron Cauldron.

  • Used for mixing, burning, boiling, scrying, collecting & countless other acts one may typically use a vessel of any kind for.
  • Commonly placed upon Ones’ Altar or to the left, grounded to the floor, if room is not had.
  • One of the earliest & intact ‘Cauldrons’ we have is the Gundestrup Cauldron from the 2nd or 1st century BC (Gundestrup, Denmark).
Boline & Athame in their Gucci Sheaths

In regards to Altar Work :

Boline – Commonly White Handled & Commonly used to symbolize the Divine Feminine (this changes a lot within customs worldwide, please feel free to contribute other uses & meanings!) with its Crescent Moon reminiscent blade. I personally use mine as a kind of ode as well as to harvest the herbs I use in my Craft & Concoctions.

Athame – Commonly Black Handled & Commonly used to symbolize Masculine Energies. To Cut or to Direct a knife holds a wonderful amount of power as well as is capable of serving many uses.

Shiva Shells / Cat’s Eyes with EDC Penta

Shiva Shells – These Calcified Disks that many Shelled Animals know as their Protective front door, we also know as a sort of token of Protection. Featured in Amulets & Jewelry Worldwide, these little treasures can also be easily found on just about any coast One can comb. Traditionally (but not contained to-) they offer a gift of good luck to travelers and fishermen who may know these Aquatic Gems as “Mermaid Money”.

I am reminded of the not-so-linear Time & Space we find ourselves bound to by their surreal & sublime spiral.

The Classic & The Homemade

Florida Water – an alcohol based concoction used traditionally to Anoint & Cleanse. Being that it is alcohol based, it not only cleanses, it disinfects! Use this to cleanse your Statues & Tools, anything that Alcohol will not damage really.

Free your space of dust & demons!

There are many uses for Florida Water within both the Spirit World & that of the Mundane. For example, it is used as an aftershave & was once known as the Worlds’ Most Popular Perfume as well as being praised in Victorian times for being an appropriate fragrance for All.

Feel free to visit the Concoctions page for a simple & traditional recipe for this fragrant Tonic*

A history of the Florida Water we all know & love by the Perfumers themselves! https://floridawater.com/pages/about *

Handmade Argenon Pendulum

Pendulums – A divintatory tool commonly used with a board, or a form of graph, to acquire what one may to refer to as insight. This practice is known as Dowsing.

One will hold the dowsing device upright & allow it to hang freely. One will also decide what movements made (swinging back & fourth, side to side, in circles, ovals, etc) will mean to them (a yes, a no, maybe, not right not, male, female etc).

Dowsing dates back to Ancient Egypt & continues to evolve while also remaining unchanged. Feel free to make one yourself by stringing any small but heavy-enough-to-swing object & work with it as you see fit! You may want to star with a Yes/No question & denote circling as yes, side to side as no.

Not only Pendulums are used for dowsing. And not all dowsing was deployed to engage with ones future. This practice was also used to find anything from water to oil! As always, * here * is a wiki page for further reading ✧˖ °

DIY Witch Ball

Witch / Spirit Balls – Spheres seeping with folklore ; within our modernity, these decorated & stuffed spheres serve as a protective charm for the home or wherever One may exist.

As far as their tradition dates back, around 18th Century England, these Balls were used to distract or to capture ‘bad’ Spirits. Traditionally they would feature metallic strands or glass ‘stringers’ within the glass sphere as a way to entangle or trap the Negative Members or Forces of the Spirit World.

Forms of Divination

  • Anthomancyby Flowers (floriography / floromancy).
  • Botanomancywith / through Plants.
  • Carromancy – reading candlewax & how it melts / flows
  • Cartomancy using a Deck of Cards.
  • Chalcomancy –  from the Latin Calix, ‘Communion Cup’; interpreting the sounds of Copper or Brass when struck.
  • Dactylomancy Discerning Traits from One’s Fingers / Rings.
  • Geomancy Reading Objects that have been cast onto the Earth (Floor, Ground, Rug…).
  • Necromancywith the help of the Dead.
  • Oenomancy through the Taste or Appearance of Wine.
  • Pyromancy divination by Flame.
  • Sortiledge – pulling an object out at random from a collection of objects (i.e. cards, charms, toys even)
  • Thumomancy by One’s own Spirit / Soul.
  • Topomancy by Geography / Geological Locations.
  • Among many many many more ?️⃤

Latin Terms & Phrases

  • Solve et Coagula ; Solve, the Breakdown of Attachment to the Body & Coagula, the Strengthening of Attachment to the Soul.
  • Coincidentia Oppositorum ; ‘Coincidence of Opposites’ or the Unity of Opposites. The Notion of Non-Duality in a Deep Sense. “Cold things grow hot, a hot thing cold, a moist thing withers, a parched thing is wetted” – Heraclitus
  • Fiat Lux ; Let There Be Light.
  • Prima Materia ; Raw / Primitive / First Material.
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