Vajrayana / Tantric / Tibetan Buddhism

Vajrayana / Tantric / Tibetan Buddhism

(Here is a more in depth look at the 21 Taras than what will be listed in this section currently : Meet the 21 Taras, happy Learning!)

White Tara

Mantra : Oṃ Tāre Tuttāre Ture Mama Ayuḥ Punya Jñānā Puśtiṃ Kuru Svāhā

Sitala ‘the cool one’; Sanskrit: Sitatara; Tibetan: Sgrol-dkar or Dolkar.

Associated with Health / Healing & Compassion.

Note her 7 Eyes ‘all the better to see all Suffering with’. Her face, equipped with three. Two, within her hands & two, on the soles of her feet.

She sits in BLANK Lotus* Mother of all Taras*

Feel that your body is completely filled up with those qualities, then recite the mantra 21 times.


Then recite one mala of: OM TARE TUTTARE TURE SVAHA

You should do four malas each day of this mantra. Then think your body becomes not just flesh and bones; your body becomes in the nature of light, calm and clear.

From White Tara Practice

Green Tara

Sanskrit: Shyamatara; Tibetan: Sgrol-ljang

Note the Utpala, or Blue Lotus in her hand. This is also known as the Night Lotus, signifying her relation to just that, the Night*

She also bares a Five Jeweled Crown much like White Tara

Two-Eyed & Associated with Active & Universal Compassion. She is Goddess of Action. The color of her skin, so full of Life! With one leg extended, she is ready at all times. Her right remains in a ‘contemplative’ position & her hands also in specific positions, which are known as mudras.

Many go to or work with her to broadly achieve. This can be success, sure.. this could also be freedom from

Red Tara

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