Gargouillou Serpent Earrings



These are packed!!!

Snake Skin, Sea Urchin Spines, Magnetic Sand, 24k Gold Flakes, Cherry Red Balls of Copper, Balls of Aluminum, Saffron, Elderflowers, Surreal Blue Pieces of a Mason Bee (it was found postmortem & was gifted to me), Money Rice, American Nightshade (Fruits & Flowers) Lavender Flowers, Marigold, Moonstone, Rue, Garnet, Rose Petals, Tropical Sage, Damiana Flowers, Fenugreek, Krat m Flowers, Lantana, Tiny Mushrooms, Mustard Seeds, Jequirity Flowers, Orange Peel, Eggshells, Found Seashells from here in SE Florida (Atlantic Ocean), Poppy Seeds, Cash Money (cut into hearts), Moons (&other Symbols) & Milkweed!

Made by Yours Truly.


Text me for any Answers or other ways to Acquire (561)566-3347




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