Fresh or Dried Mexican Dream Herb (Calea zacatechichi)

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This gorgeous & bitter herb is used traditionally by the Chontal is known to heighten Your hypnagogic state promoting Lucid Dreaming as well as the ability to acheive Dream Recall. Dreams so clear the Chontal describes as direct communication with God.

Can be used as a digestive tonic as it is known to aid in digestion as well as being a successful diuretic. If you choose to consume by way of Tonic or Tea, a bite of fresh lime with help rid your mouth of the bitter dryness that will follow. A simple way to avoid this is to simply consume in capsule form. It is always up to You to do your own research to figure the best way for you as an individual to use ?

My preferred uses is to fill a mesh bag for under my pillow as well as to burn as an incense or add to a smoke blend. It can be harsh so Incense for me is pretty fail proof and is a Divine addition to any other bed time blends you may favor ?


Tell Me how much you’d like, we grow it right here on site & also have seeds available!

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