Handmade Argenon & Recycled Copper Pendulum


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Copper recycled from electrical wire is my absolute favorite material to use to connect as electricity has flown.

I’ve started making these Argenon Pendulums as I am such an advocate for this brilliant material, especially for Divination purposes.

I choose to use Copper, especially for pendulums, as Copper is a conductor & activates the Base & Sacral chakra. Exciting the energy of one’s path. And of course, intuition.

Argenon (aka Opalite) is known to symbolise Clear Thinking and Success. The creation of such a Divining & glowing ‘stone’ is definitely a success in my eyes. It’s always so difficult for me to look away! I keep a heart of it on me at all times. It’s anti anxiety & mood/confidence boosting effects for me is why I hold it incredibly dear ❤️

Plus the added benefit of it looking like sci-fi movie props!


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XO – The Good Witch

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