Prayer to St. Catherine of Bologna

Prayer to the Patron Saint of Artists

Oh Holy St Catherine of Bologna, you who in wisdom and humility.  Was dedicated to prayer but was always ready to serve; generous in sacrifice but full of joy in welcoming Christ with the Cross.  Help us by your prayers always to be careful and diligent in striving to do good.   Help us to believe that,  alone we will never be able to do something truly good/ but  we must strive to always trust in God and, for love of him. May we never fear in the battle against evil, either in the world or within ourselves.  May we never shrink with fear, but in the Holy Name of Christ and in Faith be brave to defeat the evils  the surrounds us. Help us to meditate often on the events and words of the life of Jesus, and especially on his Passion and his death.  And to always be grateful for this wonderful and immense goodness of God  in order to save our very self. Pray for us always to remember that we must die; to focus our minds firmly on memory of the goods of Heaven.  Help us to be familiar with Sacred Scripture, always cherishing it in our hearts so that it may give direction to all our thoughts and all our actions. Thus, establishing God’s reign  in our hearts and in the hearts of others.

St. Catherine, may we always use our youthful days as you did, in the service of God.  May we never grow weary on consecrating our life for his glory and for the good of our souls.  Oh holy abbess of bologna, Sweet St. Catherine, as you became an instrument of charity in your earthly life.  We do believe that your Love is now more strong than ever.  That you can not resist the prayers of us who still journey in this earthly life.  Along with all the grace, and weapons we are asking, may you grant us this request. (Mention your request).  Present this prayer to the throne of your Divine Spouse, may he answer these necessities according to what will give glory to Him, and to what will benefit us the most. Amen

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