Jewels of Opar Seeds (Talinum paniculatum)



Approximately 12 seeds of the quick growing, succulent leaved, historically medicinal, leafy green : Jewels of Opar.


Native to Southern & Most of South America & the Caribbean, this divine plant holds a prominent place in Chinese Medicine as an aid in specific aspects of lung function, digestion, anemia, as well as have been applied to countless other fascinating uses. These seeds have been harvested for centuries by the Peoples of this Plants’ native landscapes & compared to Flax Seeds.




Seeds are harvested from my personal plants grow Organically with Love, Always*

Grows without much effort in Zones 8-10*

Free Shipping Included within the US*




Contact Me if you’d like a larger quantity!




I could not possibly say it better myself, so here is a wonderful article by Green Deane of the Eat the Weeds!




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