Color Associations

This is a Living Page, more information willl be added as it comes to Mind(s)!*


Mal de Ojo & Malla Lengua
  • Emotions. Friendships & Relationships, this includes Family.
  • Love in every sense! Peace in Romance as well as Self Love.
  • Fear & Anxiety, a truly powerful & Mysterious Color!
  • The Heart Chakra

– Red –

Handmade Poppet by Yours Truly, Jaime Lyn
  • Passion, Energy, Action! Strength & Courage, as well as to Speed something up! Fire, Power!
  • Absolutely brilliant to invoke Confidence

Astrology : Aries & Scorpio

Planet : Mars

– Orange

An Intuition Doodle I am working on!
  • The Color for Creatives! Stimulate Ideas & Open your Roads!
  • Especially useful when facing Change & if you must Adapt.
  • A color of Personal Strength & Personal Possibility*

Astrology : Gemini


  • Progress & Positivity. A breath of fresh air & of Mental Clarity.
  • Another Creative Color, full of Childlike Wonder! Although children are more likely to cry in yellow rooms. I think a reason could be, the color is incredibly stimulating & therefore possibly over stimulating!
  • Imagination & Intelligence, I’m telling y’all, a stimulating color!

Astrology : Aquarius, Gemini, Leo

Planet : Mercury

Day : Sunday

My shop was called Bruised Peach Vintage
  • Symbolizes Love on some parts of our beautiful Planet!
  • Where the paper currency is Green, one would correspond green with cash-money.
  • As well as Lush Abundance

Astrology : Taurus, Cancer

Planet : Venus

Day : Friday

– Blue –

My Best Friend & Familiar, Blue. I had to!
  • Blessed Water
  • Patience & Harmony
  • Loyalty
  • Inspiration as well as Relaxation

Astrology : Aquarius, Libra, Sagittarius

Planet : Jupiter

Day : Thursday

– Violet / Purple –

Yet another unfinished doodle!
  • Divination & Meditation (Blue too)
  • Sleep & all that surrounds our slumbers in general.
  • Such as, Lucid Dreaming, Dream Recall & Astral Projection. Funny enough, Mexican Dream Herb’s (Calea zacatachichi) flowers are indeed purple!
  • Royalty, it was once an incredibly difficult pigment to get a hole of!
  • Protection of the Family / Household Unit

What do Colors mean to you? What have you learned or what do you think about when you see each one?

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Keep in Mind, many Cultures & Individuals have different Associations! Add yours by commenting below!

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