Magickal Alphabets: Theban

Magickal alphabets have been used through time as a means to keep secret workings away from prying eyes; be it to hide research, rituals, spells, or to keep oneself safe from prosecution. Each character of an alphabet of this nature is a magickal symbol in itself.

The Theban alphabet is based on the Latin alphabet and was first published in the 1500s; being attributed to Honorius of Thebes, writer of the medieval grimoire The Sworn Book of Honorius. In modern day, the alphabet is used in Wicca and other types of occult practices and witchcraft. As such, Theban is also referred to as The Witches’ Alphabet.

You will find some variations in copies of the alphabet, but pictured incorporates all of the letters in the English alphabet. If you practice writing in Theban, especially by writing back and forth with a friend, you will find that you pick it up quite quickly without a guide.

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