Serendipitous DIY Money Rice Maraca

Serendipitous DIY Money Rice Maraca
Nom Nom Nom“, Mr. Maraca

Thanks to the Elements, I came across a perfectly dried out, hollow & whole coconut in the yard that once quenched my thirst with the help of a machete & steel straw. Noticing the absence of any putrid smells or moisture & the hole left by the before mentioned steel straw being probably the exact size of a small cork, I promptly gave it a quick sanding then began to fill ‘im with what I had on hand. With what I felt like, really. As well as appropriate correspondences for this Time, this moment of Life.

Naturally, Money Rice, Pulse, & Legumes made their way inside of Mr. Maraca.

Blessed Be to New Beginnings & may we all achieve Abundance!

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