All Customs & Practices Welcome

PayPal & Venmo Friendly as well as Trades, just Ask!!!*

All Orders come with a Magickal Mystery Herb*

Handmade Candle Holder & Pedestal from salvaged Dinner Bone & Wood by Yours Truly. This Candle was to Honor Love & how wild for a Heart to be captured in its Flame!
Created by AI & a Local Divine Being

URGENT : Please Support Mario Pierre Louis of Haiti by following his Instagram Page here! He is an incredible Artist as well as Teacher & is absolutely vital to his Community. Please do this Friends, this is imminent & means the absolute world to me! XO – Jaime Lyn

Handmade, Homemade & Homegrown.

Welcome to our little corner of the World, where All are Welcome!!!

Handmade Poppet by Jaime Lyn
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